On The Road Again

So I’m off overseas. It hasn’t even been a week, but I feel like I’ve been travelling for a week. If you want to see my crazy itinerary, check it out here. So anyway, after a 14 hours flight on fantastic Qantas, I’m somewhere between Williams AZ and Las Vegas, I’ve seen a few different towns.

Two of my aunts have tagged along, which opens the pool of experiences and also changes a little bit of the way I’m travelling (like being just with a backpack and making 30 minute turnarounds in cities running for busses, or missing flights in South-East Asia and then nabbing a taxi to get to another terminal).

I think one of the immediate things learnt (or perhaps refreshed in the mind) is the fact that you can only Google so much information – and once you get to wherever you’re going – you can only get the real information whilst on the ground, or in the area. Which has led to some interesting opportunities and random good finds – all at the heart of discovery through journey.

Some highlights before but most things are on my Instagram/Facebook!


Los Angeles

I’ve spent a bit of time with some family which has been pretty sweet. It’s such a blend of Filipino culture which has been brought over to the USA. The food is always great, and overall this trip always has a look into culinary curiosities.


I came here without much of a plan, but left wanting to stay for much longer! This town has many sights around, and


This was just a quick dinner stop before heading towards the Grand Canyon, but this small town packs in a lot. Online information doesn’t do it justice.

When I was writing this I hadn’t reached the Grand Canyon. But I have, and it was amazing.


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