A moment to reflect

 Right now I’m currently sitting at a Starbucks in Chicago (please forgive me you coffee purists) and I’ve hit the half way point in my trip. But when you consider that life is a journey in itself – is there really a halfway point? These just happen to be an extra special set of days this year, that I call the world home, that my family are friends made  over the years, and the paths I take – a reminder of where I’ve been and what remains undiscovered.

I can’t express how amazing it feels to be living the dream, and that there was no start, nor end; but merely a journey unfolding. Certainly I can pinpoint exact locations, statistics and exactly where I’ve been – but this is mere data points or Facebook check-ins, Instagram moments (which I consider instant photographic indulgence – but never uncover the full story), or a credit card transaction at a particular store. Who thought living in the present was so difficult?!

The truth is I’m keeping the passion alive. For me this consists of making discovery a habit; finding the novel in the ordinary; and, simply living. However right now, I kinda tears me up inside as it almost seems like a finite experience. Right now, it’s worthwhile getting a moment to actually sit down and collect some of my thoughts (and realise also, the incredibly fatigued state I’m in.) There is some sorrow that the days on this journey are now less than the days experienced, but hey – it is what it is.

But I guess the solace I find, is being able to have such incredible moments of clarity, without lenses of perspective and appreciate the reality that surrounds, encapsulates and fulfils. It means I have that I need to appreciate the regular but also keep spaces open to the spectacular. Expectation is a driver for how we feel on a day to day basis – so feed it with good vibes I guess and improve tomorrow.

That said, one must be ‘present’ – and travel is one of those things that forces you to pay attention to the here and now. At home we often get into the habit of focussing outside the present, and many things cloud our minds. I guess this is normal for the average adult and what we call responsibility. But being present allows us to experience the now without our attention being diverted too far away.

When we can look at the today, we can reflect on the past and think differently and broaden the view on reality. This is an important part of being a human being! We may have a set way in which we view the world, but the incubator of ideas is the reality we live in – as the saying goes, make it so!


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