Bound for Perth! Flight review: VA677 (VH-XFC) A330



I realised the last time I did a flight review was back when I was heading over to the USA for exchange in 2011 and I didn’t even finish it off either :/. So here’s a quick one about VA677 I took to start my journey towards Europe.

It’s an interesting one as the transcontinental route is pretty hyped with both major carriers Qantas and Virgin battling it out with their product. I flew economy, but the experience is probably the best thing you’ll get in terms of product on the domestic network.

Main difference? In-flight entertainment, nicer aircraft and hot meals. I was asleep for most of it





VH-XFC was parked at Gate 12 today, which was the old Virgin pier which is technically part of T4 as you can see below which opens up your preflight to a lot more than just a coffee hut.


Cabin matches the same flavour with grey, red and purple hues. However big difference is a genuine seat back IFE.

I opted for the scrambled eggs this morning. Having lounge access meant I was able to have my bircher meusli and yoghurt  beforehand. (I’m trying to be healthy on this trip!) For something served at 34,000ft it sufficed. I didn’t get the dinner roll for breakfast. I needed to salt and pepper things up which isn’t unusual. (I used to carry Tobasco around, but try explaining that when it’s in your LAGs (liquid, aerosol, gel arsenal).

More flighting… We pulled up into the new Perth terminal, which is essentially a new Virgin wing in T1. Convenient as International is just down the road and makes connections less tedious.

The new terminal is pretty spacey, which certainly beats all the other incumbents.

There are some subtle nuances which remind me of HKG with the ceiling. Additionally, there’s  smarter management of passengers with a clearly marked path so when lines do extend out they don’t just dawdle around.

Additionally, there’s the fresh Virgin Lounge which didn’t look too busy (which is awesome) and this is where I’ve parked myself for the next few hours before I head out for some fresh air and then to the International terminal.


So there ya have it, and hey at least I finished this flight review.


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