Tempelhof Airport (Tempelhofer Feld)

For an aviation geek, one of the places that immediately went on my to-do list in Berlin was a Tempelhof Airport which remains now as a public space – then, paramount to the war effort during World War II. It’s so amazing as to how much this piece of infrastructure has seen which was originally completed in 1927.

A good starting point is Luftbruckendenkmal – a memorial just off the main intersection that surrounds the field and the terminal area.

What’s so fascinating about the location is the sheer size of the terminal building, for it’s time. It’s just amazing to think this was another global mega-airport of it’s time.

I rented a bike to head out here, because it gives you the flexibility to really see some of the unseen aspects, and hey fresh air ain’t too bad a thing either. I did go at the cusp of winter right before it started snowing in the season.

Cycling through you gave me a chance to appreciate the sheer size, and being a pilot myself, pretend to be taxiing along the apron, and blitz down the runway.

There’s a navigation aid located between the runways, it’s not often you get to see them up close so you can see how the signals dictate which radial spoke you are on as an aircraft relative to the navigation aid.

I went around, but the main building from the outside is intact. The terminal area is now used as an exhibition space, and in summer the fields can be used for wind-surfing/kites.

English tours are conducted, so take advantage of the Berlin Visitor Card discount (if you purchased one). The tours run at different times and on specific days of the week.

I rented a bike from in near where my accomodation was for 10 euro for a day (obviously cheaper the longer you rent). Renting was pretty easy and riding around in this big city was a breeze with most thoroughfares having specific lanes. 


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