Flight Review: VA41 BNE-DPS

Medium-haul on a narrow body is the game Virgin plays well to a range of Pacific destinations and to South-east Asia including Bali (Denpasar) and flying down today was a fuss free experience.

Using same fleet as their domestic operations Virgin uses the Boeing 737 for the flight that’s just over six hours long. Not record breaking by any means it’s the only direct flight out of Brisbane city itself to the holiday destination in Indonesia.

With mostly leisure customers on board; this flight had a high ratio of Hawaiian shirts, backpackers but mostly free of schoolies.

The signature purple illumination with Boeing’s Sky Interior. (Yes, I’m sitting way aft.)

Complimentary hot meals were served, with a number of drinks service throughout the flight. I could have opted for the chicken and rice with the other option being for the pasta salad.  Quite satisfactory but being a hungry fella but I could always go more. The chocolate mousse went down pretty quickly too.

There has been some confusion over new promo fares and what you in terms of complimentary meals. On this flight we got the hot meal, and complimentary beverages which included wine, sodas, tea and coffee etc.

Having arrived into Denpasar; immigration queue waits didn’t exceed 20 minutes, and bags were readily available afterwards. Expect to roll through past customs once you find your bags.

Interestingly enough on the way out you’re met with the barrage of name placards for those who have arranged airport transfers but can only meet them properly after you go through duty free before you actually meet true freedom!

My next stop is Singapore where I hope to make a super rapid transfer!


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